Wilson, Carol Sue ("Peaches")

Saloon Gal; Youngest Wilson child


General Info:

  • Age: 25
  • Player: Rebecca

Character Notes:

  • Carol Sue ran away from the family farm at age 15, two years before Matthew Wilson died and her brothers set off to find their fortunes.
  • Leaving her old life behind, she adopted the name “Peaches”, and took up work in a Saloon in order to make money to survive.
  • While she may be “purty as a Peach”, Carol Sue does suffer from a physical deformity – dwarfism. She is was born (and will always remain) quite tiny, approximately 1/3 shorter than she should be. (Size: 4) This does often make it more difficult for her to find work, though her “can do” attitude and pretty face can usually make it work despite the oddness of her short stature.

Wilson, Carol Sue ("Peaches")

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