Wilson, Phineas

Middle Wilson Sibling


General Info:

  • Age: 27

Character Notes:

  • Phineas is the middle-born child of Rosemary Wilson – three years younger than his older brother Harvey, and two years older than his baby sister, Carol Sue.
  • Phineas lived his life on the family farm, learning everything he could about farm life from his father Matthew.
  • Phineas enjoyed a closer relationship with Matthew than his siblings; As such, jealousy and sibling rivalry were regular staples of the children’s upbringing.
  • He remained on the farm until shortly after the death of their father, Matthew. He was the last of the children to leave.
  • When Rosemary split the family savings up between the three boys (Harvey, Phineas, and cousin Goidus O’Grady, since Carol Sue had long since vanished into the night), Phineas originally insisted on staying behind to live a farmer’s life. It took Rosemary another full year before she was able to convince Phineas he had a greater destiny to discover, somewhere out in the wider world.

Wilson, Phineas

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