Deadlands - Family Business

1x01 - You Can't Go Home Again (10/2/16)
Chapter Three

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1x01 - You Can't Go Home Again (9/18/16)
Chapter Two

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1x01 - You Can't Go Home Again (8/28/16)
Chapter One: Homestead

September 15th, 6:30pm

  • Arriving in town in the early evening, the trio of relatives (Harvey, Carol Sue, and Goidus) cross paths quickly.  Time has clearly left its mark – both on the characters, and on their former hometown.
  • Determining that, due to the hour, traveling to the farm could be dangerous, the trio locate The Rusty Pipe, a recently constructed saloon boasting number pipes which break through the walls and roof at odd angles, belching steam.  The saloon is quite busy, populated mostly by men in Wasatch Rail workmen's uniforms.  
  • The conversation quickly makes a turn for the worse when Harvey, who has followed his heart to the priesthood, learns that his younger sister (who announces she prefers "Peaches" to her given name) has taken up as a working woman, having spent the better part of the last decade living in Des Moines, Iowa.  As the siblings carry on, Goidus wisely choose not to interfere.
  • Unfortunately, not every bar patron is quite so wise.  After a short time, a drunken worker begins to make lewd comments at Peaches, a fact which draws both Harvey and Peaches' ire.  After a brief exchange in which the worker and his friends attempts to goad Harvey to violence (unsuccessfully), the Wilsons determine the best course of action is to leave, and retire for the evening.  
  • As they depart, they are followed and accosted by a middle-aged fellow, who quickly introduces himself as "T.R. Fincher, writer extraordinaire".  He explains that he witnessed the incident, and was curious to introduce himself to the new arrivals in town.  Despite his attempts to charm them, Harvey cuts the man's monologue short, heading up the street to secure a room at the Hotel Homestead, 

Later that night…

  • Peaches wakes in her hotel room to the sounds of scuffling boots and the jiggling of her door handle.  Certain her "friends" from the saloon have decided to pay her a late night visit, she quietly readies herself…  Moments later, the lock pops open!
  • The first of the randy workers pushes open the door, only to find himself staring at the business end of Peaches' shotgun!  He shouts and raises his hands in surrender, but his friends continue to snigger and egg him on, unaware.  His shout awakens Harvey in his room next door, however, and Goidus, who both quickly jump from their beds to see what's happening.
  • As the boys burst from their rooms, a chaotic struggle begins between them and the drunken workers.  While little true contact is made by any of the participants at first, the fight devolves quickly, with knives drawn and Harvey on the ground, grappling with his opponents.  Peaches opens up with her 12 gauge on her attacker, sending him straight to Hell, and a lucky(?) swing of the blade by Goidus tears open the face of his attacker, dealing lethal damage.  As the remaining workers turn to flee for their lives, they brush past the reporter the gang met earlier, T.R. Fincher, who has just ascended the stairs to catch the aftermath of the event.  
  • Concerned for the fate of the front deskman, the posse makes its way downstairs – only to discover he is not only alive and well, but has retrieved the Sheriff.  They are even more surprised, however, when he points at them accusingly, identifying them as the "troublemakers"!  Worse still, the heroes quickly recognize the lawman – Christian Abernathy, the eldest of a trio of local toughs who haunt their childhood memories.
  • Prepared for the worst, the posse finds themselves surprised once more when Sheriff Abernathy not only doesn't immediately arrest them, but asks them to sit calmly, and explain their side of the story.   After recounting their tale of innocence, and the cause for self-defense, Christian is seeming satisfied.  He cautions them not to leave the area, but allows for their travel to the farm.  Determined to avoid any further trouble, the characters decide to depart at once for home, despite the darkness and the early morning hour.  After all, safety is just a few hours' ride…
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