Major Event Timeline: 1860s

  • 1863

    • July 3rd: The Battle of Gettysburg, forecast by many to win the war for the North, ends in a stalemate.  Whispers from the battlefields claim that dead soldiers rose up, attacking both enemies and friends in equal measure.  The public decries this absurdity as justification for a tactical error on the part of the Northern forces.
  • 1866

    • Carol Sue Wilson flees her home in the night, leaving behind the only life she's ever known, with a handsome young stablehand. Her parents are beside themselves for days, holy terrors to Harvey and Phineas, who remain.  
    • In the wake of Carol Sue's loss, Rosemary meets and befriends Temperance Wakefield, a widow recently arrived in town.  Temperance quickly becomes Rosemary's best friend and confidante, and Temperance becomes a regular visitor to the family farm.
  • 1867

    • Miles Devlin, owner of Black River railroad, is assassinated when he refuses the Tennessee Central Railroad's offers to purchase his company, who assume his grieving widow will quickly agree to the sale.  But they didn't know Mina Devlin.  Though no evidence was left to tie Mina to the crimes, the sudden disappearances (or suspicious deaths) of a number of Tennessee Central's top executives followed soon after Miles' murder.  Under Mina's guidance, Black River Railroad becomes stronger (and meaner) than ever before.
  • 1868

    • Summer: Matthew Wilson dies while working his fields.  Phineas, also working in the fields that day (to impress father, as always), is the first to discover their father's body.
    • A few days later, Rosemary Wilson gathers her sons Harvey and Phineas, as well as their cousin Goidus, in the family home.  She divvies up the remaining family savings to them, telling them the time has come to leave home, and seek their fortunes.  Phineas, having always planned to take over the farm, balks at the idea, but eventually agrees.
    • Late Fall: The Great Quake of '68 drops massive portions of California into the sea.  Amid the chaos and destruction which rippled down the coastline, the Quake also reveals a previously undiscovered mineral ore, quickly dubbed "Ghost Rock".
  • 1869

    • January: President Jefferson Davis of the CSA announces that following the Great Quake, the Union State of California no longer exists.  He declares the area The Great Maze, due to the myraid of thin, maze-like waterways which dot the coastline, and claims it on behalf of the Confederacy.

Major Event Timeline: 1860s

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