Homestead, Nebraska

General Overview

Once a small, quiet farming town a few days ride south of the border of the Sioux Nations, Homestead has grown quite a bit since the characters last saw it – and the growth all appears to be malignant! 

With a small railhead linking the town to Wasatch Rails main line, the many small family farmsteads which once dotted the landscape outside town have been swallowed up by fields run by automated inventions of science, all part of the ever-expanding Abernathy Farming Company. Even the quality of life in the town proper has devolved significantly, thanks in no small part to the many transients or rail workers who stop off in Homestead, looking to blow off some steam and spend their hard-earned cash.

Local Businesses & Points of Interest

  • Abernathy Farms

  • Deke's General Store 

  • Fifth National Bank of Nebraska

  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Homestead County Seat

    • Sheriff's Office

    • County Jail

    • Town Meeting Hall

  • Homestead Diner

  • Hotel Homestead

  • Offices of "The Homesteader": Weekly local news.

  • Wakefield's Boarding House

  • Wasatch Rail Stop

  • Rusty Pipe Saloon & Dance Hall

  • Wasatch Worker's Camp

  • Wilson Family Farms

Local Residents of Note

Abernathy Farming Company

Wilson Family Farms

Law & Order

Other Residents of Note

  • Carson Abernathy – Manager, 5th National Bank
  • Temperance Wakefield - Owner, Wakefield's Boarding House; Local Widow
  • Father Elijah Stone – Local Catholic Priest
  • Deke Johnson – Owner, Deke's General Store
  • ?? – Owner, Homestead Diner
  • ?? – Owner/Bartender, Rusty Pipe Saloon
  • ?? - "Dance Manager", Rusty Pipe Saloon
  • ?? – Owner, Hotel Homestead


Homestead, Nebraska

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