Major Event Timeline: 1870s

  • 1871

    • February: The CSA launches an attack on Washington, DC, using its newest Ghost Rock-powered contraptions out of Roswell.  The Union is initially taken off guard, and victory for the rebels appears within reach.  Unfortunately for General Robert E. Lee, the Southern War Machine began to "run out of steam" just in time.  General Ulysses Grant rallied Northern forces, and chased the southern forces back home.  Many of the now-useless war machines were abandoned in the counter-attack, and left for Union forces to study.
    • March: At Grant's urging, the US Congress passes the Transcontinental Railroad Act.  The act offers a 10 year monopoly on government Ghost Rock shipments to the first railroad to complete a continuous line to the City of Lost Angels.  The Federal Railroad Board is created to oversee the intense competition between rival companies.  Jefferson Davis of the CSA sees Grant's move, and convinces the Confederate Congress to match the US offer, which they do.  The Confederate Rail Committee is established mere days later.  While dozens of companies are officially in competition, there are 6 true contenders.  Thus begin the Great Rail Wars.
  • 1874

    • Lincoln, Nebraska experiences a major infestation of Prairie Ticks.  Prof. Darius Hellstromme personally saves the town using a flamethrower of his own design.  Days after the event, however, the entire town burns to the ground without explanation.  Rumors speak of the presence of the Pinkerton Detective Agency in town just before the fire, but no one has met an actual witness – seemingly every tale is from "a friend of a friend who was there".
  • 1875

    • August: Tensions grow in the Sioux Nations as miners begins to sneak across the borders to seek minerals.  When groups of them discover Ghost Rock and other precious ores in the Black Hills, land sacred to the Sioux, the Indians strike back, chasing the miners off their land under threat of death.
    • October: A group of miners who survived the Sioux pursuit sneak back into the Black Hills with a larger, armed force.  They re-take their claims, and set up a blockade and temporary militia to guard against Sioux warbands.
    • November: Tensions continue to rise in the Sioux Nations.  Finally, a rogue warband of Sioux attack the miner's stockades successfully in what comes to be known as the Deadwood Creek Massacre.  Nearly 100 miners, as well as women and children, died that day, though a small handful survived.
  • 1876

    • September (Early): Harvey, Phineas, Goidus, and even "Peaches" each receives a letter from Homestead, from the offices of Erasmus Poole, Esquire.  The letters implore the prodigal family members to return home, to attend to their ailing mother in her time of weakness, and to discuss the state of the family homestead.
    • September 15th: Campaign begins.

Major Event Timeline: 1870s

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