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Welcome to the Weird West, Pardners!

Premise: A trio of siblings and their cousin, having gone their separate ways nearly a decade ago, each receives a letter, summoning to their old family homestead, to attend to the bedside of their ailing mother.  When they reunite, they soon learn the dark meaning behind the old saying…"You can never go home again".  Forced onto a wild road trip across the Weird West, in search of an elusive figure from their long-forgotten childhoods, and accompanied by an intrepid freelance journalist determined to chronicle their unique tale, the family soon learns exactly how tight blood ties can be drawn…

Theme(s): The strongest theme running through the campaign will be (obviously) family.  From the shared backstory of the majority of the group, to their cross-country quest in search of the man their dying mother claims is their "real" father, to the recurring familial incidents of journalist T.R. Fincher.

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